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Al Maghrib is an atmospheric journey into the heart of Moroccan architecture and its imperial and vigorous presence in the cities; Meknes, Fez and Marrakech. The photogrpahs crytallise the fleeting moment of light as the traveler witnesses it and the accomapnying text roots the photo in its historical context.

The book was designed to keep the spotlight on the beautiful photographs by Zishan Sheikh, with room for the reader to pause and breathe. To complement the diaristic tone of the book, I illustrated an iconic building from each city in the manner of a quick diary sketch. The illustrations serve as chapter headings in the book.

book cover for Al Maghrib
typography close up for A tale of three cities title design for Al Maghrib
Contents page for book on Morroco's architecture Medresaa Sahrij Fes Al Jadida illustartion of Fes
 Illustration of people relaxing in Meknes Illustration of man on a minaret in Fez Illustration of bazaar in Marrakech