• Photography

This is a perosnal photo essay that explores our urban identity through the architecture and infrastructure that is part of our daily lives. The fact that we project ourselves on the structure that surrounds us, allowing it to become a significant part of our identity is obvious. What is remarkable is that this quality functions even at the most commonplace level; the lace curtains chosen for the window that faces the parking lot; the carved metal doorknob; the peach bougainvillea at the balcony.

This is an attempt to decipher the mundane details of our lives, what is little said and little seen, ‘the unconscious of the urban’. The space chosen to study these urban semiotics is my apartment building. The building is drenched in time, where the old and the new are continually contesting their boundaries; nearly all the residents have lived their whole lives here and the structure reflects this long relationship.

rooftop overlooking mosque during rabi-ul-awwal
facade painted red by the Pathan neighbours apartment facade freshly painted apartment block decaying over the years
neighbourhood aunty looking out from window
blue stiarcase in apartment block
extra grill door to prevent robbery hall painted half white, half yellow
mashallah barrister at law pride -->
white door handle rusting red net on door worn away gold door knob
chowkidaar napping in the afternoon in room chowkidaar opening the gate late at night setting up badminton courts in parking lot fern under a tubelight servant quarters in apartment
servant filling water from water tank servant quarter room
woman seen through window reading before bed lamp light from window