Mil Ke Chai

  • Publication Design

Design and cover illustration for the Mil Ke Chai Art Paper. All Urdu text was scanned from a single page from a handwritten lithrograph on the Sufi Saint Bulleh Shah. The publication is accompanied by a playlist I curated on the ways Bulleh Shah remains relevant in popular culture.

Building on the ethos of the cafe, Mil Ke Chai’s Art Paper aims to create a meeting point for the issues and ideas which artists from South Asia feel are important today. As a group, we nominated and commissioned 14 people whose work we admired to create new artworks in any format or medium that could feature in a newspaper. We believe in the power of radical publishing and the solidarity it can nurture, whilst we are not able to include a great number of artists, we hope the Art Paper will encourage others to work together and make their own.

A4, Risograph printed on 115gsm recycled paper. Printed at Rabbits Road Press.